A Late Night Call


A Late Night Call


  The clock hit 1. The noise of the day had damped down. The city had gone to sleep. Standing on the balcony, I felt a gentle breeze caressing me as I looked at the midnight sky. My eyes weren’t sleepy, for I was waiting for a call. An eager heartbeat ran inside of me. And yes, he didn’t disappoint. Rare like these are the moments when I fall in love with the ringtone of my phone.

He had a busy day, yet cared enough to talk to me when he could. He could have dozed off after a tiring schedule, but did make some time for me. His is a voice that cheers me up whenever I am down. Never did I need to look for a support when he was with me. He is an illusionist who can take me to a world of magic. With him, happiness is a step away, waiting to be trodden along. Falling in love with him seemed so inevitable. With a heart programmed only in love, a software engineer swept me off my feet.

He always had a childish gleam in his smile. A once-naughty child, he never let go of his pranks. He is a gentleman at heart, and a notorious little kid at mind. Somewhere between having a friend who used to pull my hair, and having someone who stood by me at all times, I never realized when I fell in love with him. Believe me, it’s a magical feeling. It’s a journey which takes you through a blissful vista with an aromatic ambience. It shows a life, which every girl would covet.

We spoke endlessly for a long time. Falling asleep while talking to each other was our favorite sport. Life becomes beautiful when the right person comes in. you realize the beauty when you smile as you go to sleep, thinking of a beautiful morning to spend with him. So with a cute little smile on my face, I bid you goodbye, and goodnight.