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A stroll in the rain


A stroll in the rain

    Thunders roared in the skies. Heavy drops relentlessly hit the earth. The trees swayed viciously as the winds hurled at them. The fauna had taken refuge in their burrows. The streets got abandoned. When the scent of solidarity embraced the air, he could be seen walking through it.

The head that always stood high now gazed into the eyes of the earth. A face that was always enlightened with a smile had now wept a million tears. The heart that dared to face the most gruesome times, now lies shattered within. He wasn’t a person well acquainted with the atrocities. He was the guy who even happiness would smile at the sight of. A passionate young mind now lives lifeless. The soul that woke up to the day with the kisses of smile is now desolate.

Love was the cruel culprit of this. The world it creates is beyond imaginable, but the harshness with which it throws us back to reality can be fathomed only by the souls that have been there before. It kills when the thorns, shaped well by the memories, pierce deep into us. It is never benevolent, for it sucks the life out of a living soul. It is malicious, and it burns anyone who comes close to it. It is cruel, as it quenches its thirst on the tears of the broken.

The rain never stopped. The cruelty never subdued. He had nowhere to go, but to live with it. And when he came closer, I realized I was merely his reflection in a puddle.