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In the corner of the heartbeat, a voice cried out your name; Desperate, desolate, desirous of love. Hanging off the edge of the cliff, I yearned for a hand to reach out for me. A million voices judged me to the corner. They stripped me of the air to breath. They sucked out every drop of a desire to stay alive. I was a burden they bore for a long time.

As I lay breathless, yet alive, on a distant rock, I cried to the heavens to crush me down to the gates of hell. The last rays of the sun burnt my skin. I was thrown out of the living world, unaccepted in the other. As pain crept into me, inch by inch, I felt my soul letting go of me. Was I ready for this? I guess not. But this is where I am right now.

Maybe a little bit of a courtesy could have held me back from making the jump, I don’t know. A façade of elation masked a detestable existence. Pretense has risen above truth in many occasions, always victorious. And now there’s nothing to worry about anymore, for the tale has met its demise.

by karthik Ganesh