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Dream World


Dream World


   The three most beautiful words that always make a difference in a person’s life are “I love you”. It is said from the core of the heart, with the highest sincerity. It is seen in the eyes. It is sensed in the voice. There can never be a combination of words more beautiful than this.

Somewhere between friendship and love, there is a beautiful world that two people create for themselves. It’s a world where there is love, care, possessiveness, trust, and everything else one can dream of. Fortunately, anger, jealousy and all such emotions are turned away at the gates itself. Every moment you spend with them, it seems like time has slowed down to a standstill. It is a magical hold that keeps you together. A relation that can be understood from the smallest of the nuances, it makes you feel a lot more alive.

A beautiful flower blooms in that world, one that is nurtured by love. A soothing melody plays all day long, one that rhythms with the beating hearts. There is freshness in the air. There is a beauty that cannot be replaced. There is happiness in our lives. There is someone we can trust our lives with. And that is a world we all dream of.

by karthik Ganesh