Download youtube video for free

Download youtube video for free/youtube video downloader.

Often people watch videos on Youtube. It takes a long time and you want to save time by downloading these videos to your here are some tricks and tips for  download youtube video. enjoy the show. youtube video downloader.

Way 1: Replace "https: // www." with the "ss" in the address bar while you watching Youtube 


  •  1:  search for Video to download. Now go to the URL of the video.

 2: In the Url replace "https: // www." with "ss" after the word YouTube as shown in the picture below and press Enter 

 3: After that the system will automatically switch your page to the common website to download video, providing us to download videos for free. Here you will see the Video name, time and YouTube link, and the right is the Download link.

Way 2: Remove the word "ube" on the YouTube URL for Video to download. Now go to the URL of the video. 
 1: In the Url delete the word "ube", then press Enter

 2: After that, it will automatically switch to the new page. Here, will give you 2 options to download MP3 (Music) or MP4 (Video) format, then select the video quality which you want. Then, click Record MP4 if downloading video, Record MP3 if downloading music.

4: After downloading the video successfully, you can open it to enjoy on the computer. Enjoy the show