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My Little Princess

My Little Princess


    With tears in her eyes, my two year old girl comes and hugs me. My heart paced as I asked her why she was crying. Holding my little finger with her whole hand, she pulls me towards the television, and shows me that her favorite dinosaur had fallen into a river. I didn’t know how to react- laugh at the situation, or console the little soul. Those genuine tears from her eyes could break me even at my harshest. As I hugged her in solace, I felt my eyes watering up too.

My little angel has a pure heart. She doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not. She doesn’t understand if anyone is lying to her, or making fun of her. She hasn’t yet come across words like fake or hate. Even a dinosaur from a children’s cartoon filled her heart with sympathy. She is a compassionate princess in a fairy land that consists of dolls and animals and talking chocolate trees, all of which reside in harmony. She does believe that the world is in fact filled with love.

I don’t want to break the bubble she’s in. I want her to be happy forever. I would do anything in this world for her. That little smile from her makes us feel that the world is in fact a better place. She is a sweetheart, and I can’t stay away from her for even a day. Ishaani loves to tease her, saying “Daddy started loving mommy before he started loving you”. She always comes and hugs me when mommy says this. She gets convinced only when I tell her that daddy loved mommy only to get his little princess. Ishaani stares at me with a smile, and my little princess hugs me with a happy heart. This happiness on their faces is something I’d gladly do anything for.