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It isn’t long since i had started circling the sun, and it isn’t long till the moment I stop. The sun is about to set in my eyes. The birds are returning to their nests. Their chirping is gradually fading out. Eternal silence seems to be drawing in.

The waves of the seas seem to calm down. The air has started to get chilled. The rhythm of the heart is turning into a noise. The pleasure of breathing fresh air is paining me. But now, I’m about to enter a new world. A world free from all the pains, a world free from all the sorrows, a world of eternal peace, a world of the immortal souls. The world, filled with the loved ones who bade me goodbye a long time ago, is calling out for me. Those loved ones, who had isolated me in the world of the living, are awaiting for me. The living world will soon have no more of me, except for a few memories.

My eyelids are getting heavier. My heartbeats are settling down. The breath is getting deeper. Darkness is closing in in my eyes forever. The world around me seems so vague now. My place in the other world has been selected, my moments in this world are counted down. I just need to bid goodbye to all of this, and check in to a new world that waits for me now..

by  karthik Ganesh