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The warmth of life had started to burn me from within. Every gasp of air poisoned me further down. Tiny jumps gave me a glimpse of falls into unknown depths. The little life left in me was getting sucked out by the second.

I was caged in an arena, alien to my dreams. I was laughed at coz I couldn’t run as swiftly as the people around me could. My wings were sliced and my legs chained. I looked at them as a million of my dreams lay shattered on the ground. Hopes for a ray of light gave up in my heart, and rolled down my eyes. Even a sea of tears didn’t seem to deter them, who looked down on me with contempt and disappointment coz I couldn’t live up to their expectations.

I could see the pillars moving away. The weight of the roof was readying itself to crush me down forever. As the voices tormented my body, regret flamed my soul away. The darkest of the nights seem brighter than my days ahead. Chances for a better tomorrow blurred along the lines. Time turned into a devil, feasting on my life. An ounce of compassion, a drop of care, a pinch of love was too much to ask for.

When the journey to heaven seemed to take up eternities, hell was just a breath away. There wasn’t an end to this, for I had taken the wrong path and couldn’t stand up accepting it. It was a pain that killed me a little more every second till the end of time