That beautiful night


That beautiful night


   Ishaani and I arrive at the restaurant at 8. She’s wearing a black one-piece, looking as elegant as always. As she enters, she’s given a beautiful red rose bouquet by the manager, and welcomed to the table. As she walks down to the table with me, all eyes are on her, amazed at how beautiful she is. A melodious piano orchestra fills the atmosphere with romance.

 A smile escapes her lips as she looks at the beautiful lights set up for her. Candles light up the dinner tables. She asks me what all this is about, which I reply with just a smile.  I could see her eyes looking amazed at everything around her. It almost felt as if she didn’t want to blink, not wanting to miss out even a moment of any of this. She could no longer hide her smile, which adorned her face all the while. We were given a bottle of champagne by the waiter. On the bottle, a note read “Only the most beautiful lady and the luckiest man deserve this”. She looked at me with a smile, knowing that the night will be an unforgettable one. Even the paintings hung on the walls told stories of eternal love and happiness. 

I knew her favorites from the menu, and so I had ordered it beforehand. As the food arrived on our table, I could see a childish gleam in her eyes. As we enjoyed our food, the stage was taken up by the dancers. They told us yet another tale of love through their performance. I could see that her smile never let go of her for even a moment. She wished to feel special, not as an actress or a celebrity, but as the love of a person. The moment I had first seen her, I had understood that God made her with the greatest care and affection he ever had. I knew that there’d be no one in the world who’d mean what she means to me. She was a dream to me, one I knew I’d regret if I didn’t pursue with all my heart. Everything about her was just perfect. Throughout the course of the dinner, we talked about how we had met, how crazy I was about her, how my life had completely taken a turn after meeting her. She was a dream I could never let go of. In her eyes, I saw a world that I wanted to live in. After the dinner, we went on the stage for a slow dance. I placed my hand on her waist, and I could hear my inner self jumping up and down in joy. I looked into her eyes, and I could see something deeper than the oceans.

 I could sense her feeling comfortable and safe with me. We had a wonderful time. After a while, I asked her if she wanted me to drop her home. She said yes, though her hands didn’t loosen their grip around me. I told her to get her purse from the table. As she walked towards it, she saw her parents standing close, smiling at her. Her father tells her to turn around towards me. She turns around, and sees me on the stage, on my knees, with a ring in my hand, asking her if she’d marry me. She looked back at her parents, who both smiled at her. She realized that her family was happy about this. She runs towards me, and hugs me tight, saying that yes, she would marry me, and that she loved me a lot. Tears ran down our eyes. We both knew that this was the best moment of our lives, and the beauty of it could never be surpassed. As her parents moved to their car, she kissed me. I was the luckiest, happiest guy in the world. The night did come to an end, but our smiles never left us. We realized that we would be the happiest couple ever, and we promised each other to love each other till the end of our lives…