The First Day

The First Day


“How did it all begin?”
With a smile on my face, I told them how I met her…

It was a beautiful evening by the beach. I just got out of the water, and was sitting with my phone in my hands. Nature swept a slow, cool breeze past my friends and I as we sat engulfed in the digital universe inside the screen. Hundreds of thousands of photos on Instagram, waiting for a momentary heart over them. After sometime, it seemed as if the universe threw me off, and I kept my phone away. As I looked around, I saw hundreds of people, or maybe I looked at hundreds of smiles all around. The waves were slowly closing in. I could sense the coldness of the water on my feet again. Unmoved, I thought about every beautiful memory that so many people would have made, on this very place. Little did I know I was about to make the most beautiful one of all of them.

As I turned around, I saw a group of young people running towards the water. The happiness on their faces was something that could not be faked by even the best impressionists. Something told me to stay on for a moment, and look at them. They were a bunch of youngsters like us, trying to take the steam off on the weekend. But even amidst all the chaos on the beach, there was one person who took my breath away. The moon had slowly crept out of its hiding and was illuminating the skies, but it wasn’t the most beautiful thing in my eyes anymore. I don’t know how to describe the situation, or maybe if it even could be. People say they skip a heartbeat when they see someone really beautiful. I’m sure I skipped a whole bunch of those beats. It seemed to me that everything that I had been through in my life, all the happy, sad, funny, angry, beautiful moments, have been for this day. God definitely put in all his artistic abilities to come up with someone that mesmerizing.

I closed my eyes, and a million images ran in my head at that moment. She cast a spell, and time had magically slowed down. My heart played a beautiful new song that my mind danced to. I stood there, unable to think of anything else but her. Even if there are a million guys after her, that’s a million people I’d fight for her. She was so beautiful that she made the sunset look like a child’s painting. I smiled in amazement, unable to fathom the depths I’ve fallen into.  And as I opened my eyes, I saw her looking at me with a smile in return.

“And then?”

“And then we talked, and now a few years later, we celebrate our first anniversary of a beautiful married life….”

(p.s. She kissed me after listening to this story  )