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The little change

The little change

Few hours ago:

I rushed her to the hospital as soon as I could. The nurses put her on a stretcher and took her. Watching her cry in pain, I couldn’t think of anything else in the world. The world around me was changing. That was the moment I realized, that everything is going to be very different from now on. My life would no longer be the same. I couldn’t do anything but pray for her as I saw the doctor rushing towards her…


My entire family was here by now. My parents, her parents, brothers, sisters, everyone was here. The nurse comes and tells me that I can finally see my wife. Seeing the tension in my eyes, everyone tells me to go in first. As I took my first step in, I could hear that voice- the voice that we had been waiting for a very long time. With prayers in my mind, I moved ahead. And as I lay my eyes on Ishaani, I saw her holding our little baby in her hands. A smile spread on my lips and a tear escaped my eyes as I saw my little superhero in his mom’s hands. All the tensions left the room. It felt like a million stars had brightened up our lives. The happiness in our family’s faces couldn’t be surpassed. The smiles across the room were something that couldn’t be seen elsewhere. I held my baby boy, and kissed him as he made himself comfortable in my hands.

Ishaani couldn’t stop smiling. We were the happiest couple on earth right now. Love had gifted us a very beautiful present. As I looked at her, I could see the beautiful life ahead of us. I couldn’t think of a way to thank her for coming into my life, and she understood that from my eyes. A smile beautified her lips again. Trust me, there isn’t a person who was happier than I am right now. I was the king who had just won the throne to the world.

A new chapter had just started in our lives. A new sunshine had entered, and blossomed the beautiful flowers of happiness all around. Everything in my world gained a new life. And yes, this is all yours, my little prince…