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The Lost World


The Lost World


  Sunshine bid farewell to the eyes. Leaving the sky bleeding red, it moved away with no remorse. Birds flew away over the horizon, wishing to catch another glimpse of the light. Yet it showed no mercy, and left the world dark.

The clouds wept a thousand tears at their separation, or so it seemed. For all they did was to distort the vision. Its tears hit the ground like stones. Its growls were heard to the miles unknown. The land couldn’t take much of it, and she slowly drowned in despair. Alone she was in times of torment. Even the stars didn’t pay her a visit when she needed them the most. As time moved on, the resentment increased. Growls turned into angry rumbles, ones that reverberated in the hearts for times too long. Lightning bolts scared everything, and terrified even the strongest. The rage was very lucid, and showed the earth clearly where it stood. But somewhere deep within, she wanted to ask “Is this completely my fault?”

“I did not invite him, he came to me every day. He showed me that I am beautiful. He told me that I was unique, and was unlike any other. He touched me with his warmth, showed me what love is. He promised me that he would be mine for eternity. And I grew more and more used to him. I couldn’t stay without his warmth for longer than a day. I believed in his promises. He was so handsome, gentle and caring. I wanted to be his forever. But whenever I tried to get closer, I got hurt. I didn’t know why. But one day, I saw the truth. He was a demon, with fire raging all over his body. He always lured people into his trap. Whenever someone did come closer, they could feel the heat. I loved him passionately, and perhaps that blinded me. I didn’t want to get any closer, but I couldn’t move away either. I’m stuck in a place I don’t wish to be in. I face him every day, but I don’t want to.
I’ve wept a million times, but is everyone deaf to those cries?”