How to Use Driftnet

How to Use Driftnet to See What Kind of Images Your Friends Looks at Online 

 There are no of way to capture the Traffic over the network.we can use tool like tcpdump,wireshark etc.

how to use driftnet:

driftnet was devloped by the chris Lightfoot.


Open Kali & Driftnet

Let's start's the  Kali and open driftnet. Go to Applications, Kali Linux, Sniffing/Spoofing, Web Sniffers, and then click on the driftnet.


 When you do, you will show  by this driftnet help screen.which show a different -different options:

help screen

driftnet is very easy and simple to use:

1. type driftnet in kali terminal


when you type driftnet in kali terminal ,it will open a other small screen on the upper left corner . Expand that screen as large as possible, if you want to see the images going across the wire.

Step 2:

 Hack the Network

Next, we need to get inside our neighbors network. We can do this by connecting to his access point ( in any of many ways.there are many ways like cracking WEP passwords, WPA2 passwords and using  coWPAtty to crack WPS.

Maybe even easier, would be to set up an Evil Twin and let your neighbor connect to it. Remember, your neighbor's computer will automatically connect to the strongest AP. You can turn the power up on your AP so that your Evil Twin is stronger than his local AP and he will automatically connect to yours. Then, you can easily sniff all his traffic.

you can now check what someone is doing in your network or what type of picture he/she will automaticaly show when you strat the driftnet.

step 3:

View the Tmp Directory

driftnet also captures the images and places them on your computer in the /tmp directory. Navigate to the /tmp with the following.

  • kali > cd /tmp
Then, list all the directories there.
  • kali > ls -l

Enjoy your ride ❤